Headed by Ambassador Stephen S. F. Chen, former ROC representative to the US, consists of fellows, advisors, and researchers, covering issues ranging from regional security to the ROC’s position in the international community.
    Foreign policy
    National defense
    Cross-Strait relations
    Overseas Chinese affairs
    Research on the US-Sino Strategic & Economic Dialogue and Its Impact on Taiwan
    Retrospect and Prospects of the Relations Among Taiwan-U.S.-Mainland
    Research on the Possibility of Taiwan Participating in (Other) International Organizations
    Research on the Cross-Strait Peace Agreement
    Research on Mainland’s Security Strategy
    Research on Building Cross-Strait Confidence Building Measure (CBM)
    Publications in English
    Publications in Chinese
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Convener : Stephen S. F. CHEN
Ambassador Stephen S. F. CHEN was ROC representative to the US up to his retirement in June 2000. In addition to the Washington assignment, he was head of post and consul-general in several major US cities, and served in the embassies in the Philippines, Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia during the 47 years of his diplomatic career. He was awarded doctorates honoris causa from Kensington University in Los Angeles and the University of Northern Virginia, and decorated by the ROC government several times. Educated in Manila, he is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and six other Chinese dialects. A keen interest in language tempted him to write a weekly column on grammar, usage and rhetoric for several years, and he has published three books on translation. He is adjunct professor at the Graduate Institute of American Studies, Tamkang University; the Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation, National Taiwan Normal University; and EMBA Program of the National Chengchi University. He has been a senior associate of the Institute of Global Chinese Affairs, University of Maryland, since 2000. He joined the Foundation in August 2000.
  BA and MA in political science, University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines, 1959
  National Policy Advisor to the ROC President
  ROC Representative to the US, 1997-2000
  Deputy Secretary-General to the ROC President, 1996-97
  Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1993-96
  ROC Deputy Representative to the US, 1989-93
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Fellow : Yeh Chin-Fong
Ms Yeh was the Justice in the Supreme Court, 1985-1988. She had a lot of experiences in legal issues. Prior to joining the Foundation in 2000, she had held various positions in the Government, and the Kuomintang. She was one of few woman politicians reaching cabinet positions in the Government. With her legal specialties, she contributed a lot to various areas, ranging from woman’s affairs, mainland affairs, and interior affairs. She was the member of the National Assembly Presidium from 1981-1992, and served as Vice Chairwoman in the Mainland Affairs Council from 1992-1996, Minister of Interior in 1996-1997, and Minister of Justice in 1999-2000. She once left the Government to take a position of Deputy Secretary-General of the Kuomintang between 1998 and 1999.
  Legal Affairs
  Mainland Affairs
  Woman Affairs
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Fellow : KO Wei-shin
KO Wei-shin has dedicated his career to the development of youth and overseas Chinese affairs, two functions of the government essential to national solidarity and prosperity but sometimes neglected. Joining the Foundation in 2000, he continues his concerns for youths and overseas Chinese by conducting researches and contributing policy reviews. He is also a specialist on Taiwan investors abroad.
  BBA and MA in political science, Western Illinois University, USA, 1974
  BA in political science, National Chengchi University, 1964
  Vice Minister, Overseas Chinese Affairs Council, 1996-2000
  Deputy Director-General, Overseas Chinese Works Department, KMT, 1990-96
  Director, Overseas Youth Services Department, China Youth Corps, 1979-90
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Fellow : SHUAI Hua-min

Lt-Gen SHUAI Hua-min joined the Foundation after retiring from the Army in January 2001, with more than 34 years of service under his belt. In the mid-1990’s, Gen Shuai participated in countless strategic talks as part of the US arms sale program to Taiwan. He was one of the key staff handling the missile crisis in March 1996. Prior to retirement, he was heavily involved in ROC military restructuring, a complicated task necessitated by the modernization of the country’s armed forces. He was instrumental in drafting the Law of National Defense and the Organic Law for the Ministry of National Defense, enacted and amended respectively by the Legislative Yuan in 2000.He has been serving as Legislator since 2005.

  Graduate, War College, National Defense University, ROC, 1986
  Graduate, Command and General Staff College, USA, 1978
  Member, Legislative Yuan, 2005-Present
  President, National Defense Management College, 1997-2001
  J3 Executive Officer, MND, 1994-97
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Fellow: Hung Chien-chao
Dr. Hung Chien-chao is a journalist and historian. He worked as a Voice of America and UPI correspondent before serving as managing editor of the English language China Post in Taipei. He joined the Central News Agency and was posted as a bureau chief in Amman, Jordan; Houston, Texas; Washington, D. C.; Tokyo, Japan; and London, England. He was recalled to Taipei as president and then board chairman of the news service. He has taught at universities in Taipei and the United States. He also served as President Lee Teng-hui’s official English and Japanese interpreter. He was posted in Rome as Taipei representative from 1993 to 2000.
  B.A. (English), Taiwan University, Taipei
  M.A. (English), Taiwan Normal University, Taipei
  M.A. (journalism), Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois
  Ph. D. (history), Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
  Instructor (English), Taiwan Normal University, 1966-1969
  Associate Professor (English and journalism), Chengchi University, Taipei, 1969-1973
  Associate Professor (English), Taiwan University, 1973-1974
  Teaching Fellow (history of Japanese literature), 1979-1981
  Professor (English/diplomatic history), Fu Jen Catholic University, Hsinchuang, 2001—
  Public Information Director, National Assembly, 1972-1974
  Master Checker (with the rank of major general), General Headquarters of the Chinese Army, 1959-1961
  Chief Press Editor, USIS Taipei, 1960-1964
  President (Chief Executive Officer), Central News Agency 1990-1993
  Taiwan Today (English), 1974
  Taiwan under the Cheng (English) 1981
  A History of Taiwan (English) 2000
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Fellow : Chao, Chun-Shan
  Ph.D., Department of Political Science, National Chengchi University
  MA, Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies, National Chengchi University
  BA, Department of Oriental Languages and Literatures, National Chengchi University
  Chairman, Foundation on Asia-Pacific Peace Studies
  Professor, Graduate Institute of China Studies, Tamkang Unversity
  Adjunct Professor, Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies, National Chengchi University
  Foundation Fellow, National Security Division, National Policy Foundation
  Editorial Writer, Central Daily News
  Editorial Writer, United Daily News
  Consultant, Mainland Affairs Council
  Chairman, Association of Chinese Mainland Studies
  Director, Graduate Institute of Russian Studies, National Chengchi University
  Director, Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies, National Chengchi University
  Professor, Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies, National Chengchi University
Fellow : Ning-li Lang

Fellow Lang is a foundation fellow of the National Policy Foundation, and also a leader of a PLA research task group for Cross-Strait Interflow Prospect Foundation.

He was a 1967 graduate of the Chinese Naval Academy. He had served in various positions, including commanding officer of Fast Boat Squadron 2, Frigate- 815, Missile Destroyer- 911, and also commander of the 142nd Fleet Squadron. In shore duty, he served as Director of Naval Operational R&D Center, Superintendent of Naval Navigation School, and Superintendent of Naval Technical School; Director of Communication & Electronics Naval General HQ, Director of Naval Intelligence, Deputy Chief of Staff Naval General HQ. He was the founder of Military Simulation Center and campaign Analysis of R.O.C. Armed Forces.

He has a lot of experiences in war game, military simulation, operational analysis and regional security research.

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Fellow: CHENG An-Kuo
CHENG An-kuo is a specialist in cross-Strait relations, especially on the Taiwan-Hong Kong-Macau triangle. He was vice chairman of Mainland Affairs Council before he joined the Foundation. Prior to that, he served as ROC representative to Hong Kong for four years, smoothing the transition of Taiwan-Hong Kong relations during the 1997 handover. In 1992-95 he was responsible for formulating ROC policies toward the Mainland, Hong Kong, and Macau, and was a key staff in planning the historic Koo-Wang meeting, held in Singapore in April 1993. He also drafted the Statute Governing Relations with Hong Kong and Macau, promulgated by the President in 1997. Before that, Cheng served the government for a long time among Chinese students in the United States, as well as promoting amity between people of the two countries.
  MA in public administration, National Chengchi University, 1973
  BA in political science, National Chengchi University, 1968
  Chief Staff of Taipei City Mayor, Ma Ying-jeou's office 2004-2006
  Vice Chairman, Mainland Affairs Council, 1999-2000
  Director-General, Hong Kong Affairs Bureau, Mainland Affairs Council, 1997-99
  Director-General, Foreign Ministry's Office in Hong Kong, 1995-97
  Director, Department of Hong Kong and Macau Affairs, Mainland Affairs Council, 1993-95
  Director, Department of Research and Planning , Mainland Affairs Council, 1992-93
  A Study of Personnel Administration Reform in ROC, 1980
  "One China, Different Interpretations" – A Historical Account of the 1992 Consensus, Co-edited with Amb. Stephen S.F. Chen and Dr. SU Chi.
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Adviser : I-cheng Loh

I-cheng Loh, retired diplomat, had served 35 consecutive years in overseas posts. He was appointed Ambassador-at-Large for two more years after finally returning to Taipei in 1998.
A graduate of National Chengchi University, he received his MA from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. He served in WWII and the Korean War, for which he received a Medal of Freedom from the US. His journalistic career covered three newspapers in Nanking and Taipei.
Joining the Government Information Office in 1956, he headed its international department until 1963, when he was assigned to New York as director of Chinese Information Service. Sent home by President Carter when Washington switched recognition to Beijing, he became Taipei’s representative in Austria, and later ambassador to Guatemala, and South Africa.
He now teaches at the School of International Studies, Tamkang University, as chair professor.

  MS in journalism, Columbia University, USA, 1955
  BA in diplomacy, National Chengchi University, 1947
  ROC Ambassador-at-Large, 1998-2000
  ROC Ambassador to South Africa, 1990-98
  ROC Ambassador to Guatemala, 1981-90
  ROC Representative to Austria, 1979-81
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Advisor: SHAW, Yu-ming
Dr. Shaw Yu-ming is Chairman of the Coordination Council for North American Affairs, which is the Headquarters for Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office ( TECRO ) in the United States. He is a historian specializing in modern American history, especially in Chinese-American relations. He lived in the United States for 17 years (1965 to 1982), where he first pursued his graduate studies and then taught at three American universities. Upon his return to Taiwan in 1982, he started his teaching career at National Chengchi University (1982-1998) and Chinese Culture University (2003-2009) respectively. His major public service included: Minister of Government Information Office (1987-1991) and Publisher of the Central Daily News (2000-2003). When he served in the Government Information Office, he in 1988 lifted all the restrictions on the publication of newspapers as a major step for the wholesale democratization of the Republic of China.
  Ph.D. (in history), the University of Chicago ( 1975 )
  M.A. The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University ( 1967 )
  B.A. Department of Diplomacy, National Chenchi University ( 1961 )
    1. In Taiwan
  Professor of History and Director of the Graduate Institute of American Studies, Chinese Culture University ( 2003 - 2009 )
  Professor and Director, the Institute of International Relations, National Chengchi University, ( 1984 - 1987; 1994 - 1999 )
    2. In the United States
  Thornton D. Hooper Fellow, Foreign Policy Research Institute, Philadelphia ( 1992 - 1993 )
  Visiting Professor of History, University of Maryland ( 1998 )
  Associate Professor of History, University of Notre Dame, Indiana ( 1973 - 1982) (with tenure)
  Assistant Professor of History, Newberry College, South Carolina ( 1967 - 1968; 1972 - 1973 )
  Publisher of the Central Daily News ( the oldest Chinese newspaper, established in 1928 ) (2001 – 2003 )
  Adviser to the Executive Yuan (Branch), Republic of China ( 2000 )
  Research Fellow, the National Unification Council, the Office of the President of the Republic of China ( 19995 – 1999 )
  Minister, Government Information Office, the Executive Yuan (Branch), Republic of China ( 1987 - 1991)
    1. In English
  An American Missionary in China: John Leighton Stuart and Chinese-American Relations (Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University, 1992)
  Beyond the Economic Miracle: Reflections on the Development Experience of the Republic of China on Taiwan (Taipei, Taiwan, 1988) (This book has been translated in Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Thai)
  “Taiwan: A View from Taipei,” Foreign Affairs (Summer, 1985), pp.1050-63.
  “John Leighton Stuart and U.S.-Chinese Communist Rapprochement in 1949: Was There Another ‘Lost Chance in China”?” The China Quarterly (March, 1982),pp, 74-96.
    2. In Chinese
  Literature, Politics, Intellectuals (Taipei, Taiwan, 1988)
  Essays on Chinese - American Relations (Taipei, Taiwan, 1980)

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Advisor: Chen, Ming-Chang
Dr Chen, Ming- Chang, the chairman of the Foundation of Management Institute in Taipei, is a specialist in the study of the economic relationship between Taiwan and China. Over many years, he has followed the development of Taiwanese businessmen who had investments in China. He had been in the positions of the director of Economic Division, Mainland China Affair Council and the CEO of China Productivity Center. He also established the Taiwan Businessman Consultative Group to provide the necessary assistance and guidance to Taiwanese businessmen so that they could reduce their investment risk and difficulties in China. In addition, Dr Chen is an expert in business management and lectures at National Taipei University. Also, he was appointed to be the dean of the department of business administration during his time in National Taipei University. Furthermore, he had assisted the government to establish the practical systems which helped many small businesses to grow properly during his time in the office of deputy director general of the Small Business Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  Ph.D. in Business Administration, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan 1981
  MA and BA in Public Administration, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan, 1971-1974
  Chair of Research/ Lecture Fellow, Chihlee Institute of Technology, 2009
  Adjunct Professor, National Taipei University,2009
  Full Time Professor, National Taipei University, 1989-2006
  Dean of the Department of Business Administration, National Taipei University
  Adjunct Professor, National Chengchi University
  Independent Director, Formosa Chemical& Fiber Corporation, Sino-American Silicon Products Inc, ,2006- 2009
  Independent Director, Gintech Energy Corporation,2006-2009
  Chairman of Foundation of Management Institute in Taipei, 2005-2009
  Chairman of Knowledge Economy Association of Taiwan, 2001-2007
  The Chief of Taiwan Businessman Consultative Group,1995-2006
  CEO of China Productivity Center,1999-2000
  Director of Economic Division, Mainland China Affair Council, 1991-1995
  Deputy Director General of the Small Business Administration , Ministry of Economic Affairs
  How to Be an Executive with Charisma, 1986
  Breakthrough of Taiwan Businessman’s Succession. 2007
  Winner’s Bible: The Secret of Successful Taiwan Businessmen 2008

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Adviser : Chen Peng-jen

  BA, Meiji University, Tokyo, 1961
  MA, Meiji University, Tokyo, 1965
  MA, Seaton Hall University, 1971
  PhD, Tokyo University, 1996
  Secretary-General, Kuomintung Office, Japan, 1973-1974
  Chief, Overseas Chinese Affairs, Division, East Asian Relations Commission, Tokyo Office, 1974-1985.
  Director of History Commission, the Central Committee of the Kuomintung
  Professor, Graduate Institute of Japanese Studies, Chinese Culture University, 2000-
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Advisor : Louis W.H. Tzen (鄭文華)

Louis W.H. Tzen is a retired diplomat of the Republic of China. In his 40 years of diplomatic career, he was posted in various countries in Asia, Africa, Oceania, North America and Europe. In Taipei, the positions he held included Deputy Director of African Affairs Department (1984-1986), Director of Asia Pacific Affairs Department (1986-87) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Secretary-General of National Security Council (1994-96) and Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs (1996-97). On overseas assignments, he served as ROC Representative to New Zealand (1978-84), Indonesia (1987-91), Deputy Representative to the USA (1991-94), and ROC Representative to the UK (1997-2002). He is currently a Fellow of the National Policy Foundation in Taipei.

Mr. Tzen graduated from National Taiwan University with BA in political science and the University of Hawaii with MA in international relations.

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